June 30, at 6: Anyways, getting back on topic, John promised that he would stop watching Arrow if Laurel ever did become the Canary, stating that the show would be too farfetched or unrealistic and would impede his enjoyment. We’ve seen where she lives. She had to find the strength to forgive her sister for having an affair with Oliver. Four years later, her father died. Which is a very great shame. John C quitting was drastic especially if it was over Laurel Lance, Katie Cassidy is the best actress on the show and has adapted well to the strange development of her character. There once was a woman who lost her mother when she died unexpectedly.

Subscribe to RSS feed. Finally, they even have special guests like…Stephen Amell! I will admit that I didn’t like Laurel in Season 1 but I have grown to really respect her to see all that she has gone through and the knowledge of what she will become has been great to witness. And they’ve definitely gone to great lengths since then to mitigate this, alas first impressions of TV characters, at that! The parties are a ton of fun and we are super-pumped for the upcoming Flash crossover! Was John too extreme with his departure from the Arrow After Show? And, now I’m cheering her on as she finds out who she is in Season 3. Key word here — was.

She found the strength to go to AA and maintain her sobriety even though she can’t even take PAIN meds when she hurts. Got any big plans for the crossovers? Again, learn some movie facts, Mr.

The way it looks now is abit off course. And, really, that’s all I need for her right now.


It stuck to its core,and did not waver for fan sevice,its going to become the best in superhero shows,overtake arrow because of the flaws i mentioned. Yes Arrow writters should become aware that Daredevil is a masterpice of superhero writting,that show gives most what to expect from an adaption from the comics. In that time, I lost my hair for about five months.

I got really into the show, really fast! May 27, at 2: Campea, just because you may not like what you’re seeing doesn’t mean that the writers haven’t done great things with her.


You can hate Laurel Lance all you want, but please know there are those of us who love the character with great reason and are excited to see her progression! Campea, I’m not a regular viewer of your Arrow After Showbut when Stephen Amell made an appearance last week, I tuned in to check it out.

Instead of focusing on her own sadness, which is so easy to do, she channels her energy into good causes. Arrow is great,but the Olicity trend damaged the show. This year, I went through Stage 3 Breast Cancer.

Felicity, to me, is the weakest character in terms of writing on the show. The very fact that Laurel Lance gets out of bed in the morning makes her, in my opinion, the strongest character on Arrow. David Ramsey, another facet the show could not live without kills every single scene, line and episode.

If I told you there was a character who: Does she go dark like her father? I’d hate myself forever if I didn’t take this chance to link you to some Breast Cancer info. It’s no big deal. We know that she has had a long history with the Queen family through not only Oliver, but Moira and Thea as well.

I can’t stand people who go to the trouble of making themselves anonymous just to take a shit in someone else’s sandbox. Who is that woman? The writers established the standards for their show and they made genuine attempts to make things believable and somewhat realistic.

He’s been a cheater and a womanizer in the comics so this isn’t something new for me. I had two minor toe surgeries to remove toenails because the Chemo caused gunk underneath. I just wish people had justifiable reactions.

I mean, there are a lot of hardcore Green Arrow and Black Canary fans who would be outraged if they made such drastic changes to the cannon. But, then I think that makes Laurel a better character. Officer Lance is cool as a limited character, and get Colin Salmon back on the show please, he was one of my favorites. It gave me an opportunity to acmpea about Breast Cancer so in that way, I’m thankful for the comment.


It’s about whether you get up. Am looking for what comes in season 4,i hope it trends more seaon true Green Arrow comics than Batman related stuff. We know about her romantic relationships.

If sharing my story helps anyone, I’m glad to do it! The dissing Campea has given her will come back to bite him later and it will be funny to see him zrrow to dig himself out of the mess.

Laurel was the only character on the show for me who embodied heroic characteristics. Please be aware that Breast Cancer doesn’t discriminate.

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Subscribe to RSS feed. I’d rather SEE her go through the ringer than it happen offscreen. One of the drugs during my first four cycles of Chemo gave me bad skin issues on my hands and feet when they turn red and your feet become so agitated that it becomes difficult to walk, it becomes a problem.

Not only does she get up, she gets up with a purpose.

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This is probably where the show went wrong for me in their introduction of Laurel. It’s been fourteen years since caampea of that trauma and tragedy began and that woman is now, Cancer-free, teaches Sunday School, volunteers at a womens’ shelter, and works with a hospice organization.

But, as the series progressed, she became one seasonn my favorite TV characters of all time! They can inspire us to be our best selves. Does it still make sense to make Laurel the Canary? Was John too extreme with his departure from the Arrow After Show?