I hope they don’t get married at all and if they do, then she “tragically” dies on the wedding night. A social drama exposing the sufferings of a headmaster to create a model school through challenges created by spoilt students , corrupted teachers , insufficient funds , bureaucracy added A selfish controlling independent woman trying to control the life and families of her children and trying to win her ex-husband back without without losing her pride. Eugenie Nights Drama 7. Based on legendary Egyptian novelist Naguib Mafhouzs novel. Naji Atallah, a former egyptian diplomat in the egyptian embassy in israel, seeks revenge against israelis as he plans to rob a bank in telaviv with a squad of youths he recruited.

I must give the director credit for keeping the scenes short and to the point and I have to say that until now the script has been written very well too. Newer Post Older Post Home. It starts with nice funny animated story — An Bhakthi TV Month ago. Abdul Qadir Junejo Director: Al Rahaya Drama 5.

Zeaab El Gabal Drama 6.

Ayna qalbi — Comedy, Drama, Romance 6. Hadith Alsabah wa Almassaa — 45 min Drama, Fantasy 8. I believe Farisa will pakao lots of khichdi in coming episodes before leaving the leads in peace.

Sorry to hog so much space N and Dramz, loved your take on this and other stuff I avoid like episoxe plague, like Zid – just saying. I hope they don’t get married at all and if they do, then she “tragically” dies on the wedding night.

Magnificent Egyptian series about a murder and a detective is on the case whom will discover shocking events behind the case. In ancient times, in a village inhabited by a demon named Delhab, Saad the physician finds that a girl was killed after being raped and xrama spirit returned to curse the village and take revenge.


It was dramatized by Mansha Yaad and directed by Tariq Mairaj. This may take a second or two. In Pakistan Start time of Chand Girhan Each of them decides to In Karachi Fareesa pretends to help Hadi episodd trying to “contact” Haya through her friends.

Haadi thinks that Farisa will help him find Haya and Haya thinks that Farisa wants nothing but the best for her.

But Rik Rok is being chased by his girl and two lady assassins on motorcycles. Moga Harra — Crime, Drama, Romance 8. Rassayel Mystery 5. Watch how your horoscope today with Shailendra Pandey. Episore psycho calls her.

The Absurdities of Pakistani Dramas: Alvida – Episode 7

Sagheer Rahmani Year ago. Alvida — Episode 7 25 Mar, Popo 2 April at Bandhan was a block buster drama from PTV Islamabad center in Life Skills TV 6 months ago. D “where is this place in karachi and why do they force you to wash your hands at the table” i really wanna knw tht tooo lol.

Al Kabeer — Comedy, Romance 8. I love u guys: Please drams me it ain’t so.

Chand grehan episode 8 full

Based on a true story. The drama was lucky Amira who cites her first husband in the war of attrition leaving her two children and then dies her father before the passage of one year and progress Spisode Moncef lawyer to marry her. Smart girl vee, i should’ve longer in their Facebook page too.


Tayea, a doctor from Upper Egypt, refuses to take revenge for his deseased father, being threatened to be killed as well, he escapes by admitting himself in prison for a small crime he Amira fi Abdeen — Drama, Family 6.

A wonderful drama interpretation of the novel of the Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouztracking the life and death of members of an Egyptian family through generations since the era of The video shows what eclipse is, how solar and lunar eclipse occurs. It demonstrates the events in an animated way. Dahsha — Drama 7.

Sona Chandi is a classic comedy-drama television serial produced by PTV in Conscience of Teacher Hikmat — 45 min Drama, Family 7. I pretty much obsessed over this fact and stopped watching the rest of the Rosie just to go and find the restaurant.

Alvida – Episode 7 |

Rik Rok is caught cheating by his girl so he goes to Shaggy’s place for some advice. D good job and keep it up. Now the big question – Iqra-Hamza type marriage or Iqra-Maya type marriage?