Scholars such as Rober W. This is particularly the case when it comes to the discussion of possible relation between Shi i elements and local culture. Today’s episode continues with the discussion between Karn and Vasudev about the possible outcome of the war between Kauravas and Pandavas. Zulkifli, in his dissertation, indicated that a number of students at ITB, the Institute of Technology of Bandung, converted to Shi ism in the early s. In this respect, Madhi Alaydrus, a lecturer at the Shi i University of Madiltul Ilmi in Depok remarked, The word Shi a has been politically smeared by anti- Shi ism sentiment, while the word of Ahl al-Bayt is present and clearly mentioned in the Qur an. The analyses of scholars suggested that one important aspect of these links has been the increased penetration of foreign ideas into the archipelago. Al Ahzab, Verse These experiences, being an activist in two reformist Islamic organizations, to some extent, made a great contribution to Rakhmat s sociological and intellectual formation.

By contrast, the ustadh group argued that the leader had to be a descendant of the Prophet s Household Ahl al-Bayt as decreed in the Hadith and in line with the Qur an. These articles were dedicated to the interests of building the basic doctrine of the newly growing Shi’i community in Indonesia. These two periods are set out here in accordance with the way the Shi a exercised their beliefs and teachings. How and why do Indonesian Sunnis convert to Shi a? Some scholars speculated that Shi ism played major role in Indonesia s Islamization but the majority of writers hold a contrary view. The publication of Yaumul Quds magazine highlights efforts on the part of the Iranian government to spread Shi ism in Indonesia and to discuss the attitude of Indonesian government towards it. As a result of media coverage, the Muslim community was exposed to the controversial issue of Shi ism at that time, along with the complex responses of the majority of Indonesian Muslims, ranging from the harshly negative to the http: Despite the advantages of current technology, like the internet and direct telephone lines which enable them to contact the office of Marja Taqlid abroad, they still have problem because of insufficient language competence in Arabic or Farsi Persian language.

Concept, Aims and Methodology They make this life so wonderful. Even though Shi i cultural traditions may have been popular among local people since the fifteenth century, Shi ism as an Islamic school of thought or religious doctrine was not as well accepted as Sunni teachings in Indonesia. In response to Hasjmy s assumption that the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia was Shi i, Azra pointed out that, the concerned scholar was not able to reveal the sources of historiography as the basis for his argument.


In this thesis, I argue that the reality of Shi a in contemporary Indonesia is much more complex than commonly understood. The person actively seeks out and explores alternatives for his original faith. Beside Western-educated Muslim intellectuals such as The Salman Mosque was an important venue for Muslim student activities that were described as the Salman movement gerakan Salman.

Since then, the term, Shi a, carries a negative connotation in Indonesia and has been associated with political notoriety.

Some of the mosques offered services in accordance with Sunnism, one of my informants asserted. Courtesy of Suara Merdeka, photo was taken in February 11, Despite an anti-Shi i sentiment among a few of NU s religious leaders kyaithe most prominent figure of NU, the late Abdurrahman Wahid, well known as Gus Dur, showed a lenient attitude towards Shi ism.

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Secondly, although Al Habsyi of YAPI was arrested as the alleged mastermind of the Borobudur bombings at that time, the police questioned and then released him with no further grounds to implicate him with the incident. The term Shi ism indicates a doctrine or a set of teachings based on the Islamic legal school of law fiqhwhich was established by Ja far al Sadik d. But the late s saw a rapid growth of the so-called Salman movement gerakan Salman and similar Muslim student groups on state campuses.

For instance, the campus circle members are characterized as inclusive in nature, they tend to use rational approaches, putting aside religious fanaticism while upholding non-sectarianism. The reason for choosing Khomeini was because this figure impressed him in his childhood and was the one who led the Islamic revolution in Iran Some local literature, however, only alludes to this subject marginally, as is the case with Bruinessen56, Mehden57, Zainuddin58, Zulkifli59 and Ali.

Feener, Muslim Legal Thought, Several ustadh even studied at pesantren in Indonesia, prior to pursuing their studies at institutions of Islamic learning in the Middle East.

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Repression and Expansion 1. After being in NU, his teacher, Shidik, shifted to Muhammadiyah, going in for Masyumi political activities.

Most of them, however, have focussed on the links among Sunni scholars of the Haramayn or Cairo while the network of Shi i clerics in the region seems to have been neglected. This one-day seminar, organized by the Middle-East Alumni Association, was initially meant to discuss ways to put an end to the on- going war between Iraq and Iran ciinta it turned into a venue to attack and condemn Shi ism.

This is because, as well as the campus circle, the group has also played vital role in disseminating Shi ism, in terms of doctrinal teachings, in Indonesia.


This book can be downloaded freely from this website: Chapter Two discusses the formation of the Shi i community in general as well as in Indonesia and offers some historical background on the Shi a in contemporary Islam. They acquired their religious knowledge in a fragmented and immediate manner, for instance, through, religious training during the holy month of Ramadhan pesantren kilatreading books, religious excerpts, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedia, attending religious seminars and any other kinds of discussion fora.

230 was Ahmad Al-Habsyi d. Aquarius WaterwaysTVShow 5 years ago. They have shaped the first-generation of Shi a in the country following a complex process of conversion from Sunnism ccinta the corresponding period. In the past, strict restrictions were in place on the practices of some religious minorities that were not included in six officially recognized religions: This tragedy was one of the defining turning points in Islamic history and in the formation of Shi i identity.

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This thesis further claims that the split of Shi i leaders in Indonesia is due to disparities in their sociological background and intellectual formation.

Their acquaintance with some Iranian counterparts was also crucial to the network of Shi i scholars in Indonesia. The government also permits the practice of the mystical, traditional beliefs of “Aliran Kepercayaan.

As an indication of the growth in the number of religious books during the s, Tempo magazine recorded that of books published during the period ofsome books had a religious theme.

For the rest of the discussion in this thesis, they are termed the campus circle. Init expanded its operations to setting up high schools. Reference to a work that has already eoisode cited in full form, but with intervening references, uses the author s last name, a shortened title of book and page, that is: This image stigmatized the Shi a all over the world, including in Indonesia.

Therefore, Alkaf started out actively attending the circles on fiqh and Islamic philosophy. As a formally registered mass organization, it certainly fulfilled the requirements of a democratic and modern religious organization, like NU and Muhammadiyah. There has been, however, an opinion that the ritual was introduced by British soldiers called Sipahi or Sepoy soldiers of Indian native. In order to answer this question, it is worth examining the views of some scholars.

Besides competency in Arabic, international students, including Indonesians, are required to follow a six-month training program in Persian, the language of instruction at most of Qom s Islamic educational institutions.