In episode 5, the husband-wife go to Europe for honeymoon, return back in the same episode, and then the wife is pregnant by the end of the 40 min episode: Love its witty dialogues! Amazing acting by the Villain, was absolutely fabulous. But who is the girl’s father in all this mess? Let’s take Humsafar for example. I have seen him in multiple dramas. Respect to Pakistani tv for this show. Alvida is the only tv show I watch these days and that too is going along at a furious rate.

Shahid Chipku and Jimmy Dheela. I’ve never seen a woman and be fascinated by her hair so much. I’m really bored of the one genre that Pakistani shows follow and cater to only one audience. Approximately i have seen all PTV dramas of old times. Yes Udaari – that’s the one. Though they can’t match people like Qawwi Khan, Nadeem Baig e.

Last 7 days Last 7 days Last 30 days Last Year. Yes, happened to see some recent episodes. Was watching a show 2 days back, where ansunu wife’s mom stays at her in laws, and she was accusing the kids of the family of hiding her quraan shareef, so that they can watch TV.

Unsuni Last Episode 26 – full ptv home drama 4 april 2016

That’s why our dramas are ahsuni at least used to be superior as there was less judging based on appearances which has always been more prevalent in the movie industry. Makes me want to drop everything and hike up to the northern areas!

Sana Javedoh man she is beautiful. Sanam Jung’s acting is decent and Imran Abbas I feel is doing good.


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The actual show is a drag. Like the drama specially Hamayun Saeeds acting I wouldn’t mind her on tv. I watched 15 episodes 38 min ;tv in 2 days. I hope that after completing my novel in the next years, I will be able to write a script for a drama serial one day.

Oh and family politics: Each and every location in that drama is pvt. I watch a few with the other half especially those aired on Hum Tv.

My gf is a fan of pakistani dramas and regularly watches them. I would praise Fawad Khan his acting is brilliant!

One of the best comedy telefilms I have seen, starring Bushra Ansari. Sorry if it has been posted previously. There is a thread on Humsafar pyv you guys would like to participate in that. Doraha introduced us to Sanam Baloch and also features the always excellent Pt Rehman.

Zindagi Gulzar hay was a very, very good drama. Doesn’t mean you make him go so overboard that the audience is convinced he could rip apart a stuffed animal.

I don’t watch it but it has that beautiful girl as the lead. Yeah I recall my mom watching a similar scene. Take Shahr-e-Zat, where the religious Nani is passing judgement and scolding everyone around her for their “unislamic” behavior like wearing a sleeveless sari or staying late outside with the spouse. The exact line in between where our culture ends, religion begins and religion ends, Westernisation begins is blurry.

Both are brilliant shows. Humsafar finally takes an exciting turn. No zooming and shaking of camera with OTT background music. Depends on what kind of show you want to watch. I thought Fawad Khan is doing marvelous job with the role, he is acting amazingly well!


List of Pakistani dramas I have watched: I’m so glad this show is over. Dont like Pakistani Dramas. I’m a big fan of Maya Ali. Unfortunately, I don’t see much of that anymore. Very realistically depicted mother daughter relationship. Like the drama specially Hamayun Saeeds acting.

Yet you would drqma certain religious tenets woven very deeply into our mental and societal framework – e. Started watching it around Tags Separate tags by comma, will be used for searching.

Unsuni Episode 5 PTV Home

The actors were good, especially the one who played Sanam’s dad – he’s one of the most natural actors in the country. There is a scene in Hamsafar where the hero goes on like – “beghairat” to his wife but that horrible and off putting pronunciation of the word just made me puke. All the aunties want to see is their cheap love stories: Yes, Mann Mayal is going on these days.

It gets little slow in the beginning however picks up real nice. You mean Adeel Hussain, right?? And what’s this stuff they were saying about dassna and jappi?