Have to agree, having achieved the 1 bird shot twice after several hours of play, both times the score was less than my 2 bird shot! Got using this approach. My main problem, which is generaly only myself is the second shot not particulary in this level it happen to me often. I will try wifi but i dont think it will make a difference. An alternative strategy for those who just cannot get the first bird in and under is to high arc on to the helmet pig. The TNT will destroy the bottomh house. Also, check that you are connected to WiFi or 3G.

Our Winter Wonderham level Mighty Eagle walkthrough is live as well! It started moving as the game set. OK kids, no bizarre story to go with this alt. Aim for the concave spot in the ice — thats the new blue stuff — just below the tree-looking thing. I was complaining to myself that I had a defective tree because the triangles were not falling off of it. Almost a year later!! Very easy level, got , with very first go for three stars, a shame after the challenging level

Hi hinarei — That happens a lot, I just keep hitting reset. After several minutes of staring down this level hoping to extract the secret of its one-bird solution, I had the eerie feeling someone was staring right back at me.

My highest score so far was k with one present left, so k i definitely possible.

Aim for the concave spot in the ice — thats the new blue stuff — just below the tree-looking thing. Pull back to horizontal. This also causes the debris to fall straight down instead of falling wondeerham the left. Among the stone blocks!! Very easy level, gotwith very first go for three stars, a shame after the challenging level Happy delivery level is the most fun so far in WW.


Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Walkthrough 3-Star – Dailymotion Video

White to tge right, yellow to the tree. Kathy I tried it a few more times before I head over to the next one and Finally got it!! Or it could wonddrham be imagination….

Thanks to all on this one!

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham 1-5 Walkthrough 3-Star

So much for the whine. Could be very well improved seeing others amazing scores at ABN. It cleared almost everything, only 3 stone blocks left sitting there. Think maybe the only point now of bombing is to get that 1 birdie: The funny thing about this level, is that the 1-Birder is a very distinct, but somewhat elusive possibility, not impossible, as evidenced by all the high scores viewed here, but nonetheless, elusive. It showed up 1st on my Channel Feed. Just a little technical insight as to why seemingly identical flings can yield very different results.

This should net you k. OK — up to with a new tactic launch white brids as far as possible and detonate in between the 2 ice chimneys. One of my first attempts with this method earned me k! This is one of those levels I want to lsvel to when I have found my bag of time: Bird should come as close to the wonderhxm as possible.

It started moving as the game set. I think yours might be more reliable, but not so far for me. Just the right angle will also continue through to destroy right ice structure … but not a One Bird solution.

Second bird yellow one: Did it after tries, and wont touch it again.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level 1-6 Walkthrough

With a little luck, the rocks will make nirds tower kill all the pigs. You must have TWO bubbles attached to the two lower triangles. If the conditions in 2 and 3 are not fulfilled, restart. I send the Orange bird with a high arc to the pig on the snow ledge. Who do I lodge a complaint with?


Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level Walkthrough | AngryBirdsNest

Really easy level compared to the first one. This is weird, and looking at all the comments it may be just me, but it seems since level 5 was released i app exits after the loading screen!!

This is on an iPad, fully zoomed in Just to the left and slightly above the OB in the slingshot is a bright 5-pointed star. The resulting explosion should destroy most wintdr the main structure. One cement triangle survived the impact and fell down to destroy the presents and detonate the TNT.

Of course I nirds there are nesters who are absolutely supreme with this game. Pink birds to float up and open the trap above the presents Egg bird to bomb the presents and TNT. Second bird the same as the video on top, so I think the difference is in the L factor. Yellow bird to bottom wood ledge for upper structure. Now granted I had to work all day and only recently got started on this level but resets goes by pretty quickly if you know what Wondergam mean!!!

This might be an easier one bird approach than hoping a pig survives and falls in the correct spot. Will keep posted if progress is made.