Member feedback about List of Produce 48 contestants: Chieri was sad and distraught over the death of her father. Four years prior to the story, Chieri Sono , while visiting Lancastar with her father, invites Nagisa Motomiya , Orine Aida and Yuuka Ichijo to watch AKB’s dangerous performance at the planet’s mining site as they battle the DES soldiers which attracts and inspires them to join the idol group. The first season aired in Japan between April 29, and July 22, Some episodes such as Sousenkyo Specials has no music performances or are broadcast live from a remote location. Mirai no Mirai Subtitle Indonesia. She temporary glows with the resonance of Atsuko and develops the fever of succession, but chooses to keep on performing.

There, they discover a cave full of Kirara, which shows a mirror of who succeeds the original AKB48 member, predicting Kanata will succeed Minami, who does not take it well. Meanwhile, Tsubasa’s passion towards wanting to save Akibastar helps encourage the others to push hard with their practise. Ueno-san wa Bukiyou Subtitle Indonesia Batch. As Tsubasa recalls some things Atsuko taught her, the understudies, along with the successors, request that they resume the concert. Member feedback about List of AKB48 members: List of former members of AKB48 topic The Japanese idol girl group AKB48 has a large number of members who have left the group for various reasons such as focusing on solo careers. Whilst the ship undergoes repairs, the understudies are sent to gather data on the planet they landed on.

Earth’s ecosystem was severely damaged, and humanity was forced to flee the planet, hence begin a new history with the Star Calendar starting from the year The group is composed of twelve members: The audio book gets awarded based on consumer votes in FeBe!

In April she was promoted to Team A.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Banana Fish Subtitle Indonesia Batch. Imouto sae Ireba Ii. As a result, she was the headlined performer for the group’s 13th single, “Iiwake Maybe”. The power of the song reacts with the Dualium, producing a light that shuts down the enemy mechs.


As the understudies explore the planet and see how people under the entertainment ban are like, they meet a group of young fans who are looking forward to the concert. Following the concert, Chieri had pleaded with her father to let her join AKB, only to be ignored no matter what. Japanese variety television shows Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Japanese television series debuts Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Nippon Television shows Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Season 3 Episode 01 — 10 Subtitle Indonesia Batch.

Meanwhile, Chieri escapes her father ibdo does not approve of her in the same way as Nagisa’s father and joins Nagisa, Orine and Yuuka. Member feedback about Manami Oku: The age listed is ac MNL48 is the only sister group that debuted with exactly 48 members. The camerawoman, who was the former successor of Minami Minegishi, predicted that if they glowed brighter, they would disappear. As Mimori awakens from her fever in the hidden temple and undergoes procedures with Tsubasa, Ushiyama reveals to the understudies that the next concert will celebrate Mimori’s debut as a successor.

In each episode, members of AKB48 and occasionally the sister groups participate in activities that include quizzes, games, sports, and news.

AKB Next Stage Subtitle Indonesia

Nido the DES suddenly attack, Chieri overcomes her desire to avenge her father and instead encourages the others to fight with their music, showing that even DES soldiers have kind hearts and becoming Center Nova in the process.

Her biggest role as a voice actress was as the title character Chitose Sakuraba in the anime series Chitose Get You!!. Citrus Episode 01 — 12 Subtitle Indonesia Batch. Black Clover Subtitle Indonesia Batch.

AKB0048 SEASON 2 ( Next stage ) eps.1-13 SUB.INDO

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. The group was created and currently produced by Yasushi Akimoto, who also writes the lyrics for all of the group’s songs. Her first A-side single for the group was “Chance no Junban”. Member feedback about Aimi Eguchi: Penguin Highway Movie Subtitle Indonesia. All of them pass the second akb00048 audition conducted by Tsubasa Katagiri, the manager of AKB and are chosen as the 77th generation trainees.


It was a large-scale project in which the public “produces” a girl group by voting for members out of a pool of 96 contestants from South Korea and Japan, as well as voting usb the group’s concept, name and debut single.

Dororo Subtitle Indonesia Batch. BD 01 — 12 Sub Indo Batch.

List of AKB0048 episodes

Piano no Mori Subtitle Indonesia Batch. Just then, sug hears the voice of Atsuko, whose light brings the concert to the detention center.

The second season aired between January 5, and March 30, and was simulcast by Crunchyroll. Aoyama-kun Episode 01 — 12 Subtitle Indonesia Batch. Recovering Mikako and escaping through the warp gate, the group arrive above a strange planet.

In the group’s general elections, she had consistently ranked among the group’s top members. On July 13,she was promoted to Team A[1] along with four other girls. The group 11 one of the highest-earning musical performers in Japan. AKB48 has released six albums before releasing this album, but dps were just a collection of songs each team sang at the AKB48 theater.

Member feedback about List of AKB episodes: Inuyashiki Episode 01 — 11 Subtitle Indonesia Batch. At the event, they sang the self-titled track. After Yasunaga opens the door, he and Chieri discover her father has been assassinated.

She was featured in the Japanese magazine Weekly Playboy, and appeared in akb0048 television commercial for the confectionery company, Ezaki Glico.

InMaeda won the first edition of AKB48’s annual general elections, which are described as a popularity contest. In several planets of this new society led by a totalitarian government, the Deep Galactic Trade Organization [DGTO], things that “disturb the heart” like music and art are forbidden. Ueno-san wa Seasoon Subtitle Indonesia Batch.