Go and receive him in bus stand, if you want l’ll send a car. Now you’re giving towel and asking me to take bath. Can’t you tell them l’m not here if they call you? Have another peg, l’ll tell you. Did you ever see the Sun? Please trust me sir. Rudra Reddy’s son who begged for life from JJ, and went away, nobody knows where is he till today.

Small fight, got hurt in an accident. Why fatigues as if going to war? Wants to meet you. Tie the knot, Subrahmanyam To tell you the truth, Pakistan soldiers were eager to die in my hands. How am l to tell him? Call younger brother too.

You stretched your hand so far! That’s why l say watch more films. He would be happy if you’d given him money instead of buying books. Entire colony would’ve descended here and cleaned the bar. Situation is so serious. Fnglish bothers you if l beat him?

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What does he think? Would anyone declare for one innings only? So, you’ve seen the entire scene. Sir, at least you tell me.


Do you’ve any experience of flying a flight? We’re unable to engllsh brother-in-law here. Just listen to my plight, that’s enough. He told me hold it. Yes father, you promised then to get married to the man who cheated her, but when l said sister loves him, you’re ordering to kill him, is it justice, father?

Please don’t torture me. That’s why you called me like that sir. Your nothing says something had happened, tell me what had happened? Goons are always skinheads. You’re busy, aren’t you sir? Can l find any better man than him? They’ll never again disturb you in life. For the mistake committed on my sister, and accepting you’re entirely responsible for it, and sign it.

By any chance is this your home in your previous birth? Yes, we too are happy, brother. Let’s fix a good auspicious date for marriage.

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Not only your sons, l’ll kill you also. They’ll fondly call you as father But cheating them with your sweet talk is wrong.


You take rest, l’ll meet you tomorrow. Don’t harm me, l’m still a bachelor.

Give me two biscuit packets please. Where are you, brother-in-law? Just now l heard you’re a very good man. He looks like Andhra Amitabh but little comical face. This is your dress. You’re always flying in sky, right? Culture which shows the right path Aubtitles really cricket, l’ll rap Durga’s head.

You’ll 2 or 3 innings, l beg you, please leave me. Do you know who they are?

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That’s why l brought it. People call me as Bose DK too. Am l mad to get drunk in a friend’s marriage? Meet the girl directly Dear, not only you, l too like him very much.