Saskia is back and gives Tara a journal to express her feelings about the school year. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tara questions him about his father but Christian refuses to talk about it. Takumi is attacked by a monster, and Mai and Nat The story revolves around Tsukune Aono, a boy with poor grades who accidentally enrolls into Yokai Academy, a special school inhabited by monsters and demons where humans are not allowed. Throughout the series, she learns to better her ballet technique, as well as learn contemporary ballet and hip-hop dance; while creating lifelong friendships and experiencing many hardships.

Dance Academy is an Australian children’s television drama. A Journey into Dance. The boys try to get into a club Kat says to the girls that her agent gave her tickets to get in , but fail to and then visit a tattoo parlour, where Sammy insists he wants a tattoo. Grace misinterprets her time spent with Ben to be more than a friendship and, when Marcus offers her a place at Austin, she tries to use it to pressure Rebecca into taking them on at the Company, leaving Ben accusing her of ruining his chances. A back nine order was given on October 9, , bringing the first season to a total of 22 episodes, plus an additional episode bringing the order to 23 episodes. Keiynan Lonsdale born December 19, is an Australian actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter. Retrieved 26 September Saskia then criticises Tara’s performance during class, telling her it was “a mess” and later saying she doesn’t have the experience, leaving Tara disheartened.

The first season premiered on TV Tokyo in Japan on April 7,and ran for thirteen episodes until the season’s conclusion on June 30, Member feedback about List of Soul Eater episodes: Hawaiian Style and Saved by the Bell: After receiving a phone call, Miss Raine tells the students and Christian who was on his way to the Opera House that Sammy was hit by a car while out running and died on the way to hospital, leaving everyone in shock and emotional distress.

Retrieved 5 January Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of American action television series epis Saskia and Ben fill the gap with a performance of the Black Swan but Saskia deliberately falls and runs off stage.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tara educates Kat in every aspect of the art form of crushes.


Tara, Grace, Sammy and a Tasmanian student named Michael Slade Rarmian Newton who tried to sabotage Sammy’s contemporary solo are all chosen to represent Australia on the International stage. He had the best sense of humour. Tara has been training in rehab and is able to return to the Academy, but is frightened she will again injure herself. Tara is glad abc see her mother and father episore, but when they arrive she discovers the farm is in financial trouble.

This season usually involved the members attempting to complete extreme challenges, such as racing against a train.

Ethan convinces Abigail to dance for a piece he is composing, but still dancce his father’s harsh judgements, who tells him he isn’t ready. Kat is enamoured with her new boyfriend and skips classes to be with him. Italian flash animated television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Instances of Lang-sr using second unnamed param Dance Academy Series 1″.

We will keep them coming. Saskia seasoh criticises Tara’s performance during class, telling her it was “a mess” and later saying she doesn’t have the experience, leaving Tara disheartened.

Series one premiered in Australia on 31 Maythe second series began on 12 March[1] [2] and series three began on 8 July However, I am so glad I took that opportunity because now I really love acting and I am really happy with where I am right now. However, Director Karamakov warns her that if she does not improve her performance, he will put Abigail in Tara’s place. Series one premiered in Australia on 31 Maythe second series began on 12 March ,[1][2] and series three began on 8 July Through the Looking Glass”.

This show is both a popular and critical success but Screen Australia can only find funding for 13 episodes and nothing more? Tara continues practicing despite her injury, and goes to see the non-academy doctor again as her friends become concerned.

Two episodes premiered on a sister channel, Nicktoons in and Member feedback about Dance Moms: After the second-year students attend Sammy’s funeral, Miss Raine announces that the Prix de Fonteyn will be delayed for a week, rpisode the production of Peter Pan is cancelled, and that absences will be excused. Sammy further struggles to find time to work at a dane to make money to support himself, while he and Christian spearhead an informal hip hop class since it was dropped from the official academy schedule, which becomes popular, although both are near-last and last respectively in classes.


Competitive Oscars are separated from non-competitive Oscars i. Retrieved 30 July Miami Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of crime television series episodes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The Academy is three weeks into the epieode.

Kat is worried about ruining her friendship with Jamie but still kisses him on the dance floor. Tara returns from the school holidays and is happy that she has great friends, a boyfriend and a scholarship, and she zbc3 finally allowed to dance en pointe.

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Second Chances

Kat chooses an acting career after finishing third year. Characters Students Rose Cinderella[3] voiced by Jessica Paquet[4] in the English version, Chiara Francese in the Italian version is an ordinary girl from Earth who unlocks her fairytale past as the granddaughter of Cinderella. Despite Ben trying to stick up for her, Grace is sent home, and Zach announces Ben and Christian will alternate, leaving Christian dancing with Tara.

The following episoode, he appeared in an episode of the Australian television medical drama All Saints. Zach encourages Kat to tap into Tinker Bell’s jealous side, which leads her to have an epiphany about Christian.

I was really shy, especially with my voice, when I was younger.

‘Dance Academy’ star Isabel Durant – Dance Informa Magazine

The Next Generation U. In the end, he chooses teaching. Things continue to dxnce tense between Abigail and Wes. Kat takes her second year assignment as an opportunity to study a man named Nick Hesk, who is the driver that hit Sammy in series two.