One of the reasons why I come to like korean dramas is because the actors and actresses are so pretty and attractive.. Criticize her character, her acting though personally, I have no problem with this Posted March 6, However , romance aside, I like that the plot is setting her up as the catalyst for his growth, because caring for her leads him into action. Thank you if you can help me understand Etter at “I Miss You” ble ferdig, har dette dramaet tatt plassen dems. Gil-ro ducks out of sight, feeling like an ass.

They’re very popular in Europe. I can’t appreciate her acting and other things when i do not see her attractive.. I just love this drama for the story line. You know, I misjudged this show. Or am I mistaken there? Do-ha cuts to the chase and tells him to quit following around Seo-won, his former blind date, and find a new lady.

Crying is a very common way to express anger and humiliation. Those who really hated to see him paired up with her have given this drama a miss, those who are still persevering are trying to accept it or trying to see the chemistry. Stop being conscious of the age diff!!

This final episode is Girl Who Sees Smells is a bit of a mishmash, but we do get plenty of excitement, and some surprises, too. Tellingly, he sneaks a look at Seo-won, and her disappointment dims his excitement a bit. But, like I said, this is not a true rom-com but a sitcom stocked with extreme, over-the-top characters.

So let’s not make a fuss about CKH since she is really doing a good job here. Thank you jb for the recap. Cos they think that might make her look younger Sorry, I caused that confusion. If no one is doing recaps I can try to do them like the ones I did for the first few episodes, though I may be about 15mins late What people find important in a drama may vary, and chemistry is one of them.


The first two episodes give us no cause to think that they would have any feeling towards each other but loathing. They been casted, they already started filming and unless you have a time machine somewhere, there’s nothing that can be done.

But Woo-hyuk doubles his offer, and reels him in, introducing his partner Mi-rae into the mix. I’ll hazard a guess that Won-Seok sees himself in Gil-Ro and that’s why he’s so hard on him. I dropped it at ep 6. Thanks Technokeats, something for me to consider: When the other guy tries to sneak in to swap with Soo-young, Sun-mi shoves him away.

Can you throw some names of actors in this age group who are doesn’t overact or better still, someone whom Joo Won can learn from.


And is really NIS staying true to the fact that they are the nation’s top intelligence agency. And I think your 2nd answer might apply here. Which is a totally different thing. However I would always say fan subbing sites always provide the best translation because multiple people go through to weed out the errors. Texas Gfade I guess is only popular in the states. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

Won-seok looks taken aback. The following threads are exceptions to this rule: The camera close-ups on his ear, which Gil-ro notices. Dominique January 31, at Thank you so much for uploading.

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She will be perfect for this spy role and young to match our 2 main hotties. From the sound of people here and their complaints abt CKH, I would have thought the drama would be tanking, but the ratings are going up in Korea.


She seems to be more of a fighter than princess. And the drama has another 17 episodes. To think about it, experienced actresses must be paid more than inexperienced ones because of less risk in “doing a good job” as it is the case with male actors. By Yongzura Started June 21, I guess I will just skip the comments section.

Sorry I don’t mean to be offensive to anyone. She admits they went out in the past, and he guesses it was a blind date. Won-seok gives them the opportunity to fight it out. This recap did convince me to give it a try, mostly because fun spy school hijinks do sound like a nice fun watch compared to all the melo around or upcoming.

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On the other hand, there is a scientific way. I thought I has a crush on Joo Won. I am not a fan of CKH, but I am not a blogger who has a certain authority and will change the public opinion in a presumably “objective” and “expert” voice. Also, these guys are in their early 20’s when maturity is not in abundance.

He spots Seo-won sitting outside to make her call and sneaks up quietly as she calls home. Won-seok walks cackling over a huge box of gambling chips.

She is called Queen of rom-com in Korea. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Gil-ro heads back into the room and challenges Won-seok to a game.

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